ENEWAVE AAC Acoustic Auto Calibrator

An acoustic space calibration processor

that breaks the limits of digital audio.

Have been enduring the voice
pollution in the sound field

Speakers cannot be perfect,
but acoustics can only be compromised?

  • The physical vibration of the speaker cannot reach the ideal linear vibration curve.
  • The perfect frequency response and loudness design that a single speaker cannot achieve; and in a multi-unit design speaker, the crossover will bring more phase distortion.
  • Speaker designers cannot predict the acoustic environment in which the speakers will be placed in the future.
  • The cabinet and the phase inversion design need to take into account too many factors, and the bass is loose.

Acoustic space cannot be perfect

  • The most expensive equipment in sound engineering is the acoustic site space, which is an unaffordable decoration cost.
  • The acoustic designer accurately predicts the acoustic indicators after the decoration in the early stage.
  • The height of the site space is limited by the existing houses.
  • Reconstruction or optimization of on-site acoustic space has become a major burden under economic costs.
  • The standing wave of the bass makes the spatial bass uneven

Use traditional DSP processor?

  • The DSP serial processing method causes the hearing delay of the speaker system (Incur bunch of Delay in Latency).
  • Traditional EQ adjustment brings more phase problems.
  • Complex user interface, cumbersome measurement and application methods.
  • The pursuit of a good hearing effect requires constant testing and adjustment, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and third-party measurement equipment and test microphones are expensive.
  • The result is not obvious, parameters and other devices bring more phase distortion problems.
  • Subjective tone judgment requires sufficient experience of debuggers

We hope the sound system is like this

  • More transparent, extreme-resolution.
  • Smoother frequency response.
  • More powerful, deeper firm and layered bass.
  • Diverse frequency response curves to meet diverse needs.
  • Fast acoustic calibration method.

AAC Acoustic Auto Calibrator

✔    FIR minimum phase system with the highest processing order in this industrial.

✔    Digital audio equipment with the shortest latency in history.

✔    The fastest tool ever to adjust the acoustic environment.


The highest order compact FIR phase
processing in history

  • CLIO measured screenshot data,

Phase bitmap comparison before and after processing: from 50Hz, the phase delay is reduced to within 36 degrees, and the phase difference between high and low frequencies does not exceed 20 degrees, making the speaker a minimum phase system in any space


The highest order compact FIR phase
processing in history

  • CLIO measured screenshot data,

The frequency response before and after the treatment, due to the resolution of the speaker cabinet resonance, the phase change caused by the frequency divider (400Hz; 2.8Khz), and the reflection problem in the room (93Hz, 270hz), the frequency response of the speaker in the free sound field is restored true colors.


Redefining the distribution of sound energy

Distribution characteristics of direct sound energy

Before processing

After processing

Features of ENEWAVE AAC

  • Core chip performance: 4096 steps X 4channels.
  • Compatible with two parallel two-channel high-order FIR filter processing at the same time.
  • The frequency response, pulse, and phase curve in the acoustic environment can be displayed in the test.
  • The reflection elimination processing tool that does not change the sound quality of the original speaker.
  • Pulse processing tool: a time processing tool to gather energy for direct soundFlexible matrix selection for output.
  • Each output port adds sampling point-level accurate delay and amplitude control functions.

ENEWAVE AAC-48L Acoustic Automatic Calibrator

  • FPGA processing architecture.
  • 4x 4096-order FIR filter.
  • Multi-devices synchronization.
  • High dynamic output of mastering level.
  • Support 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 192KHz over sampling.
  • One-way AUX output.
  • Support multi-point measurement average value.
  • Free design of acoustic space frequency response.
  • Automatic phase calibration.
  • Analog input: 2 x XLR (left and right channels), +24dBu max..
  • Analog output: 6 x XLR (left and right channels); bass, Aux channel, +24dBu max.
  • Digital input: 1 x AES/EBU@75 Ohms.
  • A/D converter: dynamic range 120dB THD+N: -107dBD/A converter: dynamic range 120dB · THD+N: -110dB.
  • Total system delay: 0.25ms.

Recommended application of ENEWAVE AAC


AAC is a calibrator that can manage space acoustics. It is a smart device that fully combines the acoustic environment with the electro-acoustic system.

Live show

AAC is the fastest acoustic calibration tool in history. Not only that, the sound engineers can also choose the most familiar frequency response curve to judge and calibrate the system.

Live House/Club     

AAC has the ability to reproduce a wide sound field, and a small space can also reconstruct a layered musical performance.

Multi function venue

AAC single-channel 4096-level FIR filter can improve the system by more than one grade.

Conference room

AAC has excellent gain equalization ability, and the loudness of the auditory sense can be increased without feedback suppression processing.

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