Statement on Brand Ownership

Feb 13,2022/news

Recently, it has been discovered that there are fake ENEWAVE® AAC-48L products from unknown suppliers in the market.

The owner of the ENEWAVE® brand hereby declares: The EVEWAVE® trademark has been registered in China, the European Union, the United States and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Brand ownership belongs to its parent company Excellent Technology Co.,Ltd.

Respect to all users, if you suspect that the ENEWAVE® products you purchased are fake or counterfeit, please leave a message directly online to inquire, and we will inquire for you in the shortest possible time. The link of the message is as follows,

I would also like to inform importers, dealers or stores who manufacture and sell fake and counterfeit products that your behavior will violate the principle of Brand rights protection. ENEWAVE® will reserve the right of legal prosecution and has the right to apply to the regional government units for confiscation and legal responsibility.

Head-quarter of ENEWAVE®:Creatop Industrial Co., Ltd.

ENEWAVE® Vietnam office:

No., 45, Ho Tung Mau street, Truong Thi Ward,

Vinh City, Nghe An Province, Vietnam

Mobile: 0915 552277