X-AMP whole new intelligent amplifier

2021.8.28 /news

Whole new ENEWAVE  X-300.2 intelligent amplifier was debuted.

XA-300.2 intelligent power amplifier has built-in powerful DSP function, up to 96 IIR filter resource pools of various forms, 1024-order FIR filter, 6 real-time sampling limiter controls, providing comprehensive control and protection for speakers and power amplifiers . The built-in Dynamic EQ can simulate the effect of equal loudness circuit (Loudness), which can automatically boost low-frequency and high-frequency signals when listening at low volume such as conference rooms or commercial spaces, so as to obtain better tone balance.
XA-300.2 Class D power amplifier with PFC technology provides high-efficiency output, effectively reduces energy consumption, reduces heat generation, and can automatically adapt to the global operating voltage of 100V ~ 240V. The XA- 300.2 Load environment, whether the load is resistive, capacitive, inductive or the superposition of several charac-teristic impedances. The application of variable oscillation modulation technology and multiple feedback control greatly improves the low resistance load performance of the power amplifier. And can be used as a constant voltage power amplifier with 100V output through bridge connection.
Based on E-Link (Enewave Link Bus) bus technology and X-COM network protocol, it fully integrates the officeLAN communication, RS-485 serial communication and USB communi-cation make the connection and control of the system very simple and convenient.